Michelangelo DIY Executive Coaching

by Dr. Mark Goulston and Ken Sky

We saw the leader of the future and gave current leaders everything they needed until they became it!

Mark Goulston and Ken Sky

Michelangelo famously said, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set it free.”

Companies and individuals hire us to help already high performing executives imagine, see and free a future where they are even more successful and fulfilling their entire potential.

A friend of ours and top sports psychologist, Michael Gervais, observed that people don’t do what’s important to them, they do what they care enough about.

We completely agree. Exercise and diet are important to both of us, but we don’t care enough about it to do both as well as we should.

The measure of how much you care about something is how much you take and keep taking action to make it happen without someone else prodding you to do it.

We believe that the leader of the future cares enough of about being the best leader they can be that they are self-motivated to do anything that helps them to become it.

And although we are both fans and practitioners of executive coaching, we believe that if you give a highly, self-motivated leader who cares enough about being his or her best a clear and simple plan with doable by them tactics (that’s the DIY = Do It Yourself aspect), that they will take action to become that best leader possible.

With this in mind, we offer up to such self-motivated leaders, two clear and concise articles to accomplish this.

Real Leader – Michelangelo Leadership – Freeing the Leader Inside

In this article we outlined that the leader of the future engenders the following in others:

  1. Trust
  2. Confidence
  3. Safety
  4. Respect 
  5. Admiration
  6. Liking
  7. Inspiration

And we describe the observable behaviors that will cause others to feel those ways.

Fast Company – Failure to Communicate

Top executive coach Marshall Goldsmith tells the story of meeting with management guru, Peter Drucker, who told him that what executives needed to do to improve their effectiveness was not more of something, but to do less of things that were off-putting and demotivating to others. 

In this article – from more than ten years ago – Mark lists twenty egregious behaviors that Marshall says will get in the way of you living up to your full potential and if you don’t stop them will discover, as the title of his megahit book says that, What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There.

There you have it.

If you care enough about being the best leader and best version of yourself, you don’t need to hire an executive coach. All you need to do is follow what is outlined in the two articles above.

That said, just as many busy people hire personal trainers to help them keep fit and hold them accountable, you can certainly hire an executive coach to do that with you.

And we are at your service if you’d like to hire us.

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